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Holistic Life Coaching for Healing the Inner Child

Coaching with Rosa Haynes

Meet Rosa

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Rosa Haynes, Founder of Revelation Consciousness Method (RCM), Certified Professional Holistic Transformation Coach, Body Psychology Coach, Mental and Emotional Health Advocate, and Published Author, The Revelation 5 Principles To Overcome A Conditioned Mindset. Rosa Haynes believe that true healing is only possible when we address the root causes of our mental and emotional struggles. That's why we offer holistic life coaching that helps to identify and eliminate mental and emotional barriers and self-defeating patterns through inner child healing. Our goal is to help you reconnect with your mind, body and spirit to live a more fulfilling life.


What We Offer


Inner Child Healing



Spiritual Guidance

Personalized Transformation Coaching

Mental- Emotional Detoxification

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Begin your journey towards holistic healing today.

“Rosa's coaching has been life-changing for me. She helped me to identify and overcome long-standing emotional barriers that were holding me back. I highly recommend her services.”

- Sarah T.

“I was skeptical about coaching at first, but Rosa's guidance has been invaluable. She helped me to establish healthy habits and improve my overall well-being.”

- Michael G.

“Rosa is a gifted coach who truly cares about her clients. She helped me to set and achieve my health goals, and I'm so grateful for her support.”

- Emily L.

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